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Welcome to the RETN Website
What is RETN?

The Region Eleven Telecommunications Network (RETN) is a network infrastructure of connected colleges, universities, K-12 school districts, and cultural entities in Region XI. Interactive videoconferencing connects schools throughout Region 11 with other schools, cultural entities, the Texas Education Agency and other endpoints in Texas and across the country in a live, two-way video/two-way audio environment for a variety of purposes.

Site Manager Information

To get a login and password for your RETN Site Manager Account,

please contact the RETN HelpDesk at (817) 740-7616.




Questions? Please contact Pam Neven at or (817) 740-3607.

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Desktop Videoconferencingwebcam
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The newest desktop videoconferencing solution is available to RETN member districts. We have two products,
VCS and Cisco Movi/Jabber


Check out the videoconferencing programs offered by

Visit the RETN Information link to see a list of K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and other entities that are members of the RETN network and to see who to contact for scheduling information. The RETN Site Manager is responsible for all scheduling for videoconferencing with RETN sites.


Interactive videoconferencing is live, two-way audio/two-way video conducted via a distance. In order to participate in RETN or TETN events, an endpoint must be H.323 (IP) or H.320 (ISDN) protocol. A wide variety of events can be scheduled over the RETN videoconferencing network including:

Sharing teachers for high need courses (i.e. Foreign Languages, Accounting, Pre-Calculus)

Dual/concurrent enrollment for high school students taking college courses

Advanced degree opportunities for educators

Staff development opportunities

Content Enhancement Programs ("virtual" field trips)

Legislative and program updates

Special guest speakers such as engineers and health care workers as appropriate for the curriculum

Mentoring and demonstration activities between members

Face to face teleconferences and networking between members' staffs and students


For more information regarding RETN and TETN events, please contact the RETN Staff at (817) 740-7616.
For more information regarding Connect2Texas events, please contact Laurie Hogle at (817) 740-3625.